Creative Thailand


T - STYLE or THAI STYLE represents the brand of Thailand. Its concept emphasizes the promotion of eco-friendly, handicraft and cultural products along with design and innovation with a view to penetrate international merkets.

“SLOWHAND DESIGN + T - STYLE” brings together diverse Thai products including decorative item, household products, fashion accessories and furniture. It reflects typical Thai characteristics in design, materials as well as techniques of production widely known for the finesse, the attentiveness, international standard and uniqueness.

“SLOWHAND DESIGN + T - STYLE” is comprised of two sections. The HILIGHT SHOWCASE exhibits a great diversity of Thai products. The BAZAAR offers special platforms for designers and entrepreneurs coming from DITP projects like T - STYLE, DEmark, Talent Thai, Designers’ Room and many others. Visitors will have the opportunity to see their works at Milan Design Week 2019 under two main Themes


“The Finest Minds Shape the Future of Crafts.”


Works of arts and crafts require an all-out effort – time, skills and sweat.

From happiness to handmade creation, the artisan has passed on a message from heart to hands and finally to a piece of work. Each of every craft, therefore, is a mirror and a best means that reflects true self and feelings of its maker. From past to present, Thailand has long been profoundly bound to arts and crafts. 

The FINE CRAFT Exhibition portrays Thai-style craftsmanship originated from the crafters’ happiness as they create the hand piece with their heartfelt contentment and comfort.

Yes, it is the finest minds that shape the future of crafts – the new generation of crafts that blends together with the new generation’s artistic vision, technology and eco-friendly materials – which will re-interpret, re-live and re-create the beauty of Thai crafts in a unique gesture with attitude.