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Thai Cotton + Young Talents: A Study in Style ในหมวด CREATIVE PRODUCTS

Cotton is a material used in almost every culture, including in Thailand. A native plant of the South East Asia, cotton filaments have the advantage of being airy, durable and breathable, perfect for the tropical weather of the region. Since days long gone, cotton is a preferred materials for people from all walks of life: it is no surprise that cotton weaving is one of the several crafts that Thai people excel in.

At the annual event of Thai Cotton Fair organised by the SUPPORT Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand (SACICT), fresh and upcoming talents are spotted and picked up by agencies every year. The event is designed to reintroduce Thai cotton back to the mainstream market by presenting this as an elegant, accessible, and stylish product.

Under the theme of “Traditional Contemporary”, the 2017 Thai Cotton Fair has rolled around with several popular fashion designers. Some of the few names to show up included: Ek Thongprasert who owns the brand of the same name and the popular brand Curated. The latter had designed outfits out of SACICT printed fabrics – Queen Sirikit Roses, Butterfly Wings, Gold Fish, Queen Crabs, are among the patterns used. Ek Thongprasert had also fashioned “Moonlight” Collection out of these printed cotton cloths, taking inspiration from the song of the same name that the late King Rama IX had composed. The collection plays with geometric designs, presenting the clothing in its universal and unisex style. To top it off, the light cotton makes it a perfect everyday wear on any hot day in Thailand.

Although the fashion articles displayed at the fair are still for showcasing purposes, the SACICT hopes that they will inspire other young and aspiring fashion designers, fabric producers and artisan weavers alike. Reconnecting with the cotton cloth-making in the past, reintroducing the traditional into the contemporary – these are the main theme of the fair.