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Ek Thongprasert and Fashion in the Digital Era ในหมวด CREATIVE MAKER

With great passion and motivation for fashion, Ek Thongprasert decided to pursue a second bachelor degree in Fashion at the Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, one of the world’s prestigious institutions, right after graduating in Architecture from Chulalongkorn University. Ek Thongprasert founded his own brand “Ek Thongprasert” and later launched “Curated”, a conceptual fashion brand that conveys a unique philosophy. 

The creative process

The working process of Curated begins with the admiration that Ek has for a piece of artwork. He would conduct a research to set a concept framework. The thinking process takes quite a long time in order for him to fully understand the conceptual context before resulting in a fashion design.


The philosophy of Ek Thongprasert brand is the questioning of “what is luxury”. The essence of the brand tends to be abstract. Ek sees his fashion design as an artwork. His line of jewellery made of silicone has made an appearance in several world’s leading fashion magazines. “Jewellery is a luxurious product that is used to display one’s social status, since the Egyptian time.” Ek recounts his passion for culture and history. He likes to visit museums to explore parts of the past which have been forgotten.

Luxury in the Digital World

The World is entering the new age of uncertainty. Social network circulates news freely. “The instant reception of information today changes the demand of customers. It is uncertain. If the demand for a certain idea falls, it is the end of the brand because nobody wants it anymore.” The rapid change in taste makes famous brands like Abercrombie & Fitch and American Apparel fall into difficulty.


Ek sees fashion as a cycle which, nowadays, flows faster. In the past, a particular style might stay for five to ten years whereas today it stays trendy for less than a year. Ek admits that the fashion industry is the most tiring creative business since it is constantly changing. New collections are coming out continually following the nature of seasonal business.


Ek’s process of design begins with research. He then continues by drawing several sketches to synthesise complex ideas and turn them into pictures. His conceptual approach is used to carry out a fashion collection. Ek always looks for inspiration from the history but at the same time needs to stay tuned for changes. Ek emphasises that “designers have to keep updating or else their work would not survive in the fashion industry. In the future, we might need to update minute by minute. We must keep updated to know what is happening. Several brands that have failed to stay update will become obsolete and disappear eventually.”